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Prelude Power Connectors


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The 'similar to IEC' connectors on two of my preludes are damaged and I've had to fail them during my PAT session.


I don't know what they are called so can someone suggest a few search terms so I can find replacements on t'internet.



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They're just hot condition IEC's aren't they? Like this:




C15/C16 rather than the normal C13/C14, or on further inspection perhaps C15A/C16A.


For more info try: IEC Connectors page on PSLX, linked from our wiki page on IEC Connectors.





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Strand use the super hot IEC called the C15A connector - this has additional notches on the upper shoulders and is not compatible with the HOT IEC's stocked by CPC/Farnell InOne. I did see them on usedlighting recently, also maybe worth trying White Light?
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