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Furse Regal Controller


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I've got a Furse Regal controller. I've never used it and don't know whether it works 'cos I haven't got a PSU for it. Anyone have a good word to say about it? Any sources of info on it?


I use a Zero 88 Elara normally but an honest, simple board would find uses among the simple honest folk I work with when I'm not available to pander to their every complex whim. Which is every time I see them coming :D




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It runs off +/-24V from the Regal dimmer rack. It produces data with an analogue multiplexed output called FMX, which is not compatible with any other protocols. So unless you have a Regal rack, it's useless.

I have built a DMX to FMX converter, but would not even consider trying to build a FMX to DMX converter.

See other posts in this forum. (search for FMX)

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You might be able to add DMX to it as an internal mod, from whatever output it has before it gets multiplexed to FMX, and replace it with a DMX mux. However this would only probably be suitable as an interesting project if your electronically inclined. Otherwise you'd be better off buying a cheap two preset desk.


If your going to throw it, then NEET (The National Exhibition of Entertainment Technology) may be interested. See their donations page for more information.





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