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fire eater helpme find the special liquid


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hi I wish u can help me to fin a fluid that I dont now de name the especial caracteristicsfor this liquid is that only burnswhen is in the air if u try to put this liquid on a napkin or cotton is very dificult to burn and when u trhow it for the mouth to somethin wuit fire it burs very good and big and after it burns this dont make a fire rain like if u try to do it whit alcohol or gasoline or something like that please helpme to find this liquid
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Hi Victor, and welcome to the Blue Room.


Is your first language English? If so, would you mind editing your post to be more intelligible for all of us? It might be a good idea to read this as well.


Secondly, what you're describing sounds very, very dangerous. I'd suggest that you go and get some proper training in it (which will also teach you all about the correct fluids to use) before you attempt it.

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Hi, I know a few people who use the type of fluid's your talking about (one of our performers uses it) however if you want to start doing that sort of thing, go join a club or group that do it, that way you don't hurt yourself finding out!
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I am going to reinforce what has already been said:



One of my parents, and my sisters are all competent fire performers. They got to be this way by getting involved in a local extreme performance group. Their tutor (who I know very well) has all the appropriate experience and insurance.

There are also safety and health risks that may not be immediately obvious - one precaution that they take is to drink full fat milk before using the "magic fire water" so as not to damage the linings of the throat and mouth. This is not the only one, you will find out more when/if you go on a course.


Where are you? If you are in the UK, let me know and I will see if I can get the details for any groups near you that may be able to help.


Sorry to come across as unhelpful, but I think it is irresponsible to tell you what you can use without knowing your level of training. Fire is a dangerous thing!




(PS> Do NOT use petrol or anything similar. It is dangerous and very very stupid)


Edited to correct typo

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Victor - hi.


I'm going to join the growing ranks of Blue Room members saying "DON'T"!!!!

This is NOT something that should even be considered at all without full and prper training - definitely NOT a do-it-yourself job.


Your profile suggests that you're not an English native, (but are a member of the ALD??) and you're a bartender.

If you're thinking of exercising this potential new talent in your bar, then let us know which bar that is - so we canall avoid it!! :blink:


I would also say that this is actually far removed from a technical theatre topic, and should, (if only on the basis that there is a chance it could get too close to litigation!) be closed ....

(PM sent to mods)

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