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Our Renkus-Heinz PN102/LA Install


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Good Day!


I just want to let everyone know that our church have just bought and installed the Renkus-Heinz PN102/LA compact line array self-powered speakers and we are very happy...ecstatic...awed by how much performance and quality these small boxes have. We have also had the wonderful experience of getting the full support from our local sound contractor- Joint Venture (Mr. Joel Q. Yabut)PLUS the wonderful and unforgettable experience of having the backing and support of the Renkus-Heinz company with direct help from none other than Mr. Karl Brunvoll(who came to visit months before the system was approved and finalized), Jim Mobley(technical help during the decision-making process) and... drum roll please!!!! Mr. Ralph Heinz! (THE MAN himself!!! B-) ) who really came over to our church to fine-tune and commission our system. They promised me they would give us their full support...and they did. :blink: They actually did even after a very long and arduous wait for the final decision to be handed down. These guys are the best!!! My hats off to them! And to you guys out there still looking for a compact, powerful, easy to rig, lightweight, great performance out of the box... this is one system you should seriously consider. Wait! I think BUY should be the word here. :P With a support from a very good sound contractor and the backing of a very respectable, very capable, trustworthy and passionate speaker manufacturer, what else can you ask for?


More to come including pictures of our system. Thanks!

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More to come including pictures of our system. Thanks!



Best just watch that this doesn't become too much of a commercial plug, eh?




Ha Ha Ha! Yup will do! Thanks!



Glad you are happy Chris


Just as a matter of idle curiousity where are you based? I'm guessing not the UK - correct?


Have fun




Yes you're right! Not from the UK as Brian guessed. I'm from the Philippines.


Would love to see some pics! :rolleyes:


Hopefully, will be able to post some pics soon! We are still doing some minor arrangements in our hall.



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