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Does anyone know where I can buy a confetti blower


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I assume you are looking for a continueous flow CO2 confetti machine!

How often do you want to use it and where are you.I have two available for hire that I had made in the Uk after looking at one of the american imports

If you are going to use it alot I could probably have one built for you.

We modified the design so that the cylinder now sits on the machine making the whole thing a lot more manuverable.

They have served me well for a couple of years now and I would be happy to get you an accurate quote to have one built.

Ballpark around £1000 - £1100

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Not sure what you mean by a confetti blower.


Le-maitre do confetti cannons if this is what you after although this will give you a short effect.


Basically you press the button, it goes bang and confetti falls (from the sky, or whereever you have rigged it)


Hope this is of some help




Link to website:


Le-maitre Website

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Le matrie also have a blower type of thing, also terralec do a small type, but its only really any good in a small area,


The Effects Company also do the cannon type, it uses larger co2 cylinders rather than the co2 bulbs like the le-matrie, Sky High FX also have a CO2 cannon similar to Le Matrie

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I think the Le Maitre canon's are good, we used them in a production of Anything Goes ,they had quite good range, I'm sure the range is 15 metre's on the electric air canon, 2 of them on the rig gave the desired effect.

The Terralec spreader is ok but as said does not have a good range.



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Plasa show last year had several sorts from the pre-made explosive confetti drop theough conffetti canons to a big venturi device that ran of mains and fanned air through a huge venturi which actually picked up its confetti from a case below, and could be continuous -a slong as you feed it confetti to fire.


Plasa.org and ring the office, they can be very helpfull.

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