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Daylight Gig Suggestions


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I put light colours in par 64s as back light so the punters can see different colours flashing along, there just not the 181 that I would like but thats not gonna happen. you can always re gel in a break as the sun sets to get more suitable colours?



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Last night I lit an gig with :


2 x Par64/62

4 x LED Pars(150W)

6 x AC Lighting ColorBlock


(It all runs off 1 x 16A socket and it all fits in my car (with a Pearl), and the 5m x 3m truss on top)


Lighting was more or less pointless until about 2145 - west facing stage with no roof.

I think it's important to remember that the reason there is so much backlight on festival/outdoor gigs is that often they help make up the picture for TV. Watch Live8; consistent colour temp and light levels from the front with all the other stuff from the back. If we're not filling up a TV picture, then I think we can afford to move the instruments to the front and light the band!


I would be tempted to ditch the LED Pars, if power permits, and bang in some Par64s with scrollers on the front from the truss - LED Pars are just not bright enough until it gets very dark! If your budget allows, stick a couple of 250W movers on the deck upstage - that way you get to do beams through the air/lights on the crowd...blah,blah - and you don't have to lug them up to the truss. Get a hazer/smoke machine then at least the beams start to be visible a bit earlier - oh yeah, check the wind direction. LED panels behind the bands sounds good.


Right, back to marking.



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Hi, I have been hired for a small festival (200ish people) in the summer.


Unfortunately, there is no budget, though I have hired a truss.


My rig is 8x par 56, 3x par 64 and a few domestic floods


do you think this will work ok on a 24 x 16 stage?


also, being new to this kind of thing, how am I supposed to focus in daylight?

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Hi Ben


you don't say what times the festival is running or what sort of festival it is. If it's daytime/evening music this may help - last weekend I was lighting a smallish (1000+) outdoor festival running on two identical stages. No lighting was required for illumination purposes until around 8pm, so I had it all at the back of the stages pointing forwards to provide some eye-candy for the audience...


...those are PAR64s because that's what I've got. My front lighting was 6 PAR64s at the front on stands in light colours to lift faces.


With your kit list I'd stick the 56s at the back running chases and use the 64s from the front to provide some fill. Maybe hire/borrow one more 64 to balance the sides. Keep your colours light.


As for focussing in daylight - just guess. PARs aren't that accurate anyways.

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dosent leave me much flexibility at the front but I guess it would work


I also now have 2x led par 64, how should I use these?


Bands are ona bout 5:30 to 11 I think, though there is an 'open mic' before hand.


I suppose I could run the rig like that, but how well does it work once it gets dark?

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