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Flying Set


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It will depend on...


a) the size of the tower

b) the size of the items to be flown

c) the design of the set

d) the maximum loading for individual bars

e) the maximum loading for the whole fly system

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It's d and e you are really after and the venue should be able to tell you what these are.


But be aware, these are for spread loads. If the bars have a SWL (safe working load) of 250kg, that is for an evenly spread load across the bar. You can not just hang a point load of 250kg off say the middle of the bar.


Also, even if there are 20 bars, individually rated at say 500kg, you can not necessarily hang 500kg on every bar. The total SWL load of the grid may be less than the sum of the SWL of the bars.

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