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Can anyone recommend a new rackmount amp, ~80W/side at 8Ohms, that would be suitable for use with a pair of Control 1's?


Maybe not much help, but Lab Gruppen do a few 1 RU 2 channel amps, intended for monitor speakers in studios. If you can afford them, I'm sure you'd be very happy with them.

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We have a dozen control 1's in our stock which we use for small foldback and background music aplications. With regard to mounting options we modified the boxes by drilling two small holes in the base of the cabinets and fitting M6 teenuts. This did require us to take the boxes apart but allows us to use a standard speaker bracket available from Proel which mounts on mic stands or using the correct size bolt and some penny washers a standard hook clamp.

I used 4 of these little babies for my birthday party last year crossed over at about 120hz and paired with two single 18" sub's.

Rocking ! :rolleyes:

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