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Hi guys,

I`m pretty new to this light, and I`m having a few probs programming it.

the main problem is that it seems to be on a starting address (STCO) of 252. Does anyone know how I can change this down, because were only using a 256 channel desk.

Cheers for your help


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Worked it out,

We had the manual with us, but it was no help. Our problem was that the DMX start code on the screen was stuck on 252 with no way of changing it, and we obviously wanted on 0. We then remembered a problem we have come across before when we plug our NJD merlin desk into Martin lights, and that is the DMX +/- is reversed.

So we plugged our pre-built reverser in and away it went, with a start code of 0

Good old NJD, with their wisdom of reversing DMX

Cheers for your help anyway guys!!!

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I don't think the OP was trying to change the DMX address, but rather the start code.

If the MAC believed it was receiving Martin protocol (I'm right in thinking that the 500 was one of the last fixtures which could understand this, right?) - a possible outcome of phase reversal - then the start code might be other than 0. Once the MAC worked out that it was receiving DMX, then it would (should) be looking for start code 0.

I think the OP might be a little confused about address vs. start code?

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Just to clear things up, this is what was happening.


We plugged our new mac 500 into our njd merlin desk, The DMX light on the panel was instantly illuminated, we then tried to operate it with the mac in DMX4 mode, and the desk channels set 1-16 with corresponding sliders and the sliders at 0-255. But nothing happened, no life from the mac on any slider in any position. We then started looking at what the unit was set at, so looked through the manual checking all settings and personalities. We then got to (STCO) via (DMXL) in the menu, and it was displaying 252 and would constantly flicker to 254, so we thought this was the problem and hence my first post.

The next day when we battled a little further, we remembered how in the past we have had to use a reverser in the chain to most non NJD lights, so we plugged one in, and hey presto, the mac fired up, and the home display was now showing 1, (which it wasn't before)


So thanks for your help anyway guys

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