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Suitable suggestion for a pyro please


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We're performing Jack and the Beanstalk soon. Any ideas for a suitable Le Maitre pyro that we can use for a flash and a bang when the beans are thrown out of the window? We don't have a lot of space to work with and the distance from the stage to the stage lights above is only around 12ft.
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Erm, a bit more info, please.

Is the window up stage of the talent?

Assuming YES, what distance is there between the window and the scenery (backlcoth?) behind?

If not a great deal, you may well struggle to get a safe separation from combustibles.


Backcloths, esp hired cloths, SHOULD be fire retardent, but depending on age and use, some will be less so than others.


The distance you need to consider more than the height (though that MAY also be an issue) is the surrounding fallout space. There aren't that many pyros that are safe to use in confined areas.


In this case, look at your options...


Do you NEED it to be a pyro?

Can you get away with a burst of smoke from under the window uplit by a small lantern and accompanied by a sound FX?


Just some thoughts.

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes the window is upstage of the cast and the gap between it and the backcloth is likely to be around 2m.


We probably do need to use a pyro if possible since our smoke/haze machine is being used elsewhere on stage.


Our cloths have been fireproofed recently.

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