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Whats On Your Desk?


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Nearly weekend time so final important jobs before I leave work. A quick tidy up and just notice what is lying on my desk. A few just bought items, some must store somewhere secure and some just odd bits.

I think the oddest thing I have is a pair of bolt cutters currently been used a paper weight.


So kids can you ( I'm sure you can) top this?

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currently on my desk


mini discs

cd's of all varieties


an elephant mug full of pens

a cigar case full of drill bits

some old C.V.s

gobo holders for lamps we dont own

a padlock with the key broken inside

the computer

a pint of drawing pins

256MB ram

t shirts

dental floss

spare parts for a fridge

3.5' floppies

craft knife

mic clips

pile of invoices

old venue brochures

1 x t27

glasses casefull of BNC connectors

2x scale rulers

poster tube full of plastic bags( our gov make us pay for them now)

post it tape (the best tape in the world for marking desks)

the phone

my diary

and some pro-lube


and thats the things I can see without moving anything

on a standard office desk



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Cordless Phone

Digital TV Remote

Another Mobile

Another Mobile

Another Mobile

Numerous CDs

Lucozade Bottles (All empty)

Glass of Lime and Coke. Only the Lime survives.

Gameboy Advance

Lee Swatch Book

Rosco Swatch Book

4x Size B Gobos


LED Torch

Gel Knife


Digital Camera

Network Hub

Bright* Hire Catalogue

Several LX Plans

Strand 520i Manual

Strand 520i Off-Line Editor

Bank Statements

Lots of Paperwork

LX Tape (Black, White, Blue and Red)


Lottery Ticket. Deceased.

Scratchcard. See Above.

Old Sainsburys Payslips

Video Labels

Blank CDRs

Post It Notes. Alot of. All reminding me of things I've forgotten.

What Satellite Magazine

Broadcast Magazine

The Stage

Nintendo 64 Games



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Why is it so good at labeling desks, I usually use Masking tape!

Ooooooh no! :o :blink: :** laughs out loud **:


Masking Tape (as I once found out the hard way, luckily on a stage floor) has a nasty habit of bonding to whatever you lay it too! If you leave it there too long and you try to pull it up, it probably won't come! :( Someone also put alot of it on the desk at work (Sirius 48 thank god!), and attempts to now peel it off leave an incedibly sticky residue, or the tape just doesn't move in the first place!


I'm not sure where to get Post It Tape, but if your stuck for something short term, White PVC (LX) tape is always a goodun...



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Ok am I just un-cluttered at the moment


As I mentioned earlier there is just the tribble on my desk in the library at home (oh and the computer)


And in my workroom at home I have nothing but the mixer and my DAW.


but at work I have my PC (and monitor) an Octane and a Mac (and a load of post-its with my to do list on them

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from left to right...


Soundcraft Spirit Folio audio mixer to mix the audio from the 2 pcs under the desk

Flying Cow 24bit ADC/DAC

Soldering Iron

prototype USB-DMX converter

Artistic Licence Micro-Scope 3a


Waveform monitor

9" monitor

bench PSU

bench DVM

Bench PSu (another one)

video tsg

scale ruler

bottle of alcohol


Vernier Calipes

Roll of Red LX tape !!!


Mini Hi-Fi thing


Another Calculator


4-hole punch


Lee Gel Swatch

Pot of Pens


LCD PC monitor



Palm Pilot

Another phone


the above ignores the stuff under the desk, in the two filing cabinets, on the shelves above the desk, in the drawers above the desk.


Is this thread going anywhere?

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I have a betapack on my desk. It is in peices though.


Now, if only I could remember where all those little screws went.




oh, and also, I have a copy of L&Si.



As well as the usual. PC (well ok, under the desk), 2x TFT's, wireless mouse (wherever it may be, it's here somewhere) and the keyboard.

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What's laughingly described as a PC

"Where to stay in Cheshire" Brochure

Season Brochure

30m Tape Measure

Dud 25W Low-energy lightbulb

6 Candles found in a cupboard

LEe & Pro Colour swatchbooks

Schedules & Tech riders as per today's post

Unused index card box

L& SI,

Assorted junk mail - RS, Maplin, Sico, Access All Areas etc

Blcak PVC



One dead flower stem standing in a cup full of paperclips (apparently they prefer water - Who knew?)

2 Clipboards with assorted undone "To Do" lists


This doesn't begin to convey the scene of devastation that is my desk, and this is probably a good day. With the effort that goes into retrieving essentials from the bottom of the pile some days, I would be well within my rights to list "Amateur Archaeologist" under my hobbies, if not as myprofession :blink:

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Lots of unfinished jobs including, but not limited to:-


Studiospares catalogue (NEW TOYS!) :** laughs out loud **:

Laplink cable

1/2 of a 123 lens

Air duster

empty coffee cup :(

Phone :blink:

Piles of unpaid bills (must do on Monday)

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Many years ago, in a place far far away, I used to work with an amazing analogue design engineer called George. In his cubicle he had a standard office sized desk about 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep. Now George operated what could best be described as a 'sedimentary' filing system. That is to say that paper went onto the top of a pile and coal came out off the bottom.


His working area comprised an A3 sized area in the middle of the desk, the remainder were 3 feet high piles of A4 paper.


Ah, sweet memories.

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