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Ear Protection


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I use Docs Pro Plugs.


They are much like the in-ear moulds for IEMs, but with just a small vent hole.


They are made for drummers, but I have used them when doing sound, and they work just as well.

IIRC they drop everything by 30dB, and have a low pass slope starting at 10kHz.


About £12 for a pair, in a plastic box. There are 9 sizes, the shop should help with the fitting.

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I use a few different types,


For general use I use these



For heavy duty use, and long term use I use these


Because I am not a big fan of ear plugs, these are not ideal, but much more comfortable.


And I also carry these with me, just in case


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My drum teacher had some made, and he was using the Docs Proplugs I use until then. He said they were a vast improvement, and a lot of the comb filtering caused by poorly fitting plugs had gone.


Personally if something could save my hearing it is worth a lot to me, as I need my hearing for my planned career and for my sanity!

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I've used elacin ER-15's for the last 10 years. highly recommended. always take them to gig's. even mix very loud bands with them in. www.elacin.nl


Those things are about £120 arnt they? Are they really worth it?


I have the elacin er-15's and they are well worth the money. comfortable and you can mix with them in (although I dont usually).

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The Etymotic Research ER20 plugs have saved my hearing and sanity at quite a few punk gigs in the past year. They're good enough that you can hear faults with a PA with them in. Not the most discrete in the world but I'm over that and wear them in clubs when I'm out-no one really notices and if they do you generally have a chat which ends up with them saying that they really should be wearing them too.



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