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How do I Mix video (form VCR or a camcorder) with powerpoint or another windows program on a projector?


I've a Pc with Dual head matrox card, an NEC projector with VGA/A.video/sVHS inputs, and a sVHS VCR.



I don't have a camcorder yet. Will one with DV out be usefull? Can it work with a firewire card it the PC with some software, or do I need hardware??



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Unless your PC video card has a video out on svideo or composite, you're going to have to get a scan converter...which aren't cheap, I'm afraid.


Aside from that, you'll need a vision mixer (panasonics are nice) and all the relevant cabling. But it's the scan converter will cost you. Most AV companies can help you - where are you based?


Not sure if you could go the software route with firewire video into the PC and then mix it in the pc - I've never seen anything that does this.

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The matrox G400 dual head card has an analouge output option for the second head's output.


This can be configured to work in three ways...


1- As a direct clone of the PC display screen (o/p 1)

2- As a direct feed of a DVD playing in Matrox's software DVD programme

3- As a feed of a definable (needs defining keys configured in hotdesk) window onto your desktop)


The analouge output (if you kept the breakout lead) is in y/c (s-video) or composite mode - a simple vision mixer with y/c input would have to be hired (or bought) Say the Panasonic AVE55 (or similar)


Then you can use composite or y/c to the projector


Good Luck


Let us know how it goes..




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