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Pmx Specification


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PMX is Pulsar's own control system. (It's also on a load of Clay Paky gear due to their close association.)


Anyway, their website says:


PMX is Pulsar MultipleX which is our 9600 baud protocol using RS232/423, details of which are freely available to those who would like to drive our products from their own computer programs or hardware.


So, ask them.



telephone +44(0)1223 403500 - fax +44 (0)1223 403501

email sales@pulsarlight.com website http://www.pulsarlight.com

address Pulsar Light Of Cambridge Ltd., 3 Coldhams Business Park, Norman Way, Cambridge, CB1 3LH, UK.

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On the Pulsar website is also a free program (called WinLite) which you can download, and make a lead for your serial port, which interfaces with the PMX control kit, and gives you a PC-based lighting desk. Details on the pulsar website.
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