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Free Books For Students

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Note to Moderators, hope you don't mind this posted here, they are free after all. If its a problems then please move into Classified.


I have the following books which I no longer need which I am offering to any poor impoverished students out there for FREE. All I ask is that you refund my postage costs once I've sent you the book. Or we could meet at PLASA, I shall be there on Sunday and one other day (probably Tuesday).


To give everyone a chance to get their hands on these books I will hold a draw at the end of the week of everyones name who let me know they are interested.


At this time I'd like to limit the offer to any students but if I get no interest in a title then I'll open it up.


Acoustics Noise and Building -Parkin/Humphreys. An ex-library book going into good practical details on all aspect of acosutics. Postage will be around £1.75


Lighting 2nd Edition -Pritchard. Mainly dealing with commercial/industrial lighting but has several good chapter on light sources and lighting units like lumens and lux. Postage will be around 75p.


A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting - Shelley. Still in print and sold for £20 in Borders. Postage will be around £3.

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