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studiomaster series 5


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The build quality of Studiomaster desks varied between acceptable and poor. The series Five didn't have balanced outputs - or if it did, only the L&R outputs were balanced. It may even be wired pin 3 hot as some of their other desks were at the time.


The auxes were primarily designed to provide more post fade than prefade sends, and I seem to remember the channel numbering going from right to left.


If you bought this desk cheaply and it meets your present needs, then just use it. You are the arbiter of whether it is fit for purpose (unless you try to meet band riders, where this desk won't be counted as acceptable).


If you want to sell, do it because that suits you...


If you want the features of a modern desk - EMC compliant, improved EQ, large number of switchable pre/post auxes, mute groups etc., etc. then it's time to smash the piggy bank ;-)



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Still any good? Well, even when new they were only so-so desks, often suffering problems with build quality and reliability.


E-Bay? Well, that depends on what you paid for it obviously. I quick search shows that Studiomaster Series 5 mixers are selling on e-Bay but the prices depend on model and condition. Good condition with a manual helps.


As for using it yourself, as Simon says only you can be the arbiter of that. Try it, and if it suits your needs that's what counts.



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