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Steeldeck or similar for hire in Scotland?


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Anyone know of a staging hire company in Scotland? Looking for steeldeck or similar...

8 - 10 8'x4' sections.

Look forwad to your suggestions...



The main supplier used to be Tower Productions, but I know they were trying to sell their stock earlier in the summer - maybe they sold it locally?


Try Tim Shaw [mailto:tim@tower-productions.com]



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Ian Atherton at 888 productions (just outside Glasgow, 0141 776 7880) has some, which we've hired before. It's not steeldeck, but it's similar - if I remember correctly it comes in 2mx1m sections... can't seem to find his catalogue at the moment to check the brand - I know I had it last weekend...


We hired some last year to make a catwalk for a fashion show.


He told me an interesting story about one hire he did - when the units came back, someone had drilled some 2 inch holes in the surface.


He suspects it was being used in a temporary pole-dancing club....



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