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Led Lighting


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if anyone is interested, there is a very good article on LED lighting in this months (sept) Elektor Electronics magazine. It dispels a couple of myths on LED lighting with some hard facts and figures.
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Any key points you'd like to share with us ?


I think that like many people I'd always taken the efficiency of LEDs for granted and was suprised to see that the latest 1W super white LEDs are less efficient than MR16 type halogen bulbs.


As an example, a 12v 35W Osram Decostar in 24deg beam angle is shown as giving out 12.16 lumens/watt where a Nichia 20deg white LED is only 7.64 lumens/watt.


Even using seperate RGB leds doesn't appear to be much better. A quick calculation based on Luxeon leds gives 11 lumen/watt for white made this way.

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