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Hi folks,

A Quick one here for you,

I have a Trantec S3500 transmitter which has got a new and anoying habit. When you turn it off it changes Bank to a different frequency. I would love to use the frequency it goes to but 2 probs. Firstly we pick up Taxis (am in Mallorca) and secondly it could go to either bank and with only one reciever, cannot cover the other bank.

Anyone else had this problem/ideas how to solve it,

We have Fogwell Flax coming (or does it have the e - comeing? :D damn my Dysle Dis, you get my point! :** laughs out loud **: ) in a week, and I don´t want it to mess up like it did during our rep show last night!



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we have a trantc radio mic, we have the problem of it switching carriers all the time, every time someone speaks/sings into it it changes and the signal is intermittant, even if the person stands with the mic next to the reciever, we still dont get a decent signal. we have tried new batteries which didnt work, took the cover off and some of the wires were all messed up, so I repaired it, but it only got a little better, can anyone help?
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