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Crew Needed


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I'm looking for fit up (stage and LX) and show crew (stage only) for varying lengths of time who are available to work in Margate (Kent). Ideally fairly local (or willing to travel but the schedule is fairly busy) - sorry, I can not provide accommodation or meet travel expenses, though if a group of people were driving I may be able to find some petrol money.




LX Crew (basic rigging only):

Sunday 7th September, evening call ending around 2am.

Monday 8th Sept - afternoon and evening

Tues 9th Sept - all day/eve

Sunday 21st September - day (Get out)


Stage Crew (basic humping and dumping):

Mon 8th Sept - all day/eve

Tues 9th Sept - all day/eve

Sun 20th Sept - day (get out)


Show Crew (need to be available for all of the following calls - basic scene change skills)

Wed 10th Sept - all day/eve

Thurs 11th Sept - all day/eve

Fri 12th Sept - all day / eve (first perf)

Sat 13th - Afternoon / eve

Tues 16h - Show call

Thur 18th - show call

Sat 19th - show call


The money is not fantastic (but above minimum wage before anybody starts

:** laughs out loud **: ). The hours will be standard theatre hours (9am-11pm with appropriate breaks / overnight gaps etc).

Feel free to pick and choose which bits you can do (except show crew) - multi skilled crew (able to rig a light and use a hammer) welcome.



Drop me an email tom.albu@bigfoot.com or PM me if interested.


Please feel free to pass this on to anybody who might be interested.



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