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Evora Elumen8 1000BSW


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Hi all, I recently bought 4 Evora Elumen8 1000 BSW`s. Great fixtures but one is not as bright a bright as the others. Is there a brightness reset or anything I can do to sort this before resorting to returning for a replacement? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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We owned four of these for a while, I sold them into an installation during lockdown. 

One of the four came back to us recently, with a similar sounding problem to what you're experiencing. 

We ended up replacing the LED module itself, Prolight Concepts are the UK distributor and did have some spare parts on hand for them, although I got the impression that we were getting some of the last of the batch. 

Might be worth checking in with whoever you bought the lights from. If the lights were bought from new you'll still have some warranty cover, if they're second hand or ex-hire the seller will probably have dealer access to Prolight for whatever spares are available. 

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