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"Locking" Scenes on Qu16


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A church I'm distantly involved with has a Qu16, using 2 of the Mix busses to feed 2 separate speaker systems for mics & music. The "default" setup is saved as a Scene, which works fine for the regular operators, but from time to time a visiting knob-twiddler will manage to overwrite this default Scene, which is when I get a phone call. Does anyone know a way of locking a Scene, without also locking the channel faders? (A&H introduced Permissions in v.1.4, but they basically work as all or nothing)

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One technique that we've sometimes used is storing a "backup" copy of the scene somewhere out of the way, possibly in multiple slots. 

From a troubleshooting perspective, if the customer is halfway competent they can be instructed to, say, load up Scene 99, and save it back over Scene 1 to get things back to normal. Might save you a trip out to site. 

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I'd second Stuart's suggestion... Having a backup scene that is password protected is fairly easy to do and probably needs to be there (and saved to USB stick as well) should ever the desk have a hiccup during firmware updates etc.

Alternatively, a separate scene could be loaded when the visiting guy is expected, so he can save over his own scene with impunity!?

Is user level control implemented on the church's desk?

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Thanks both. I've just been looking at my email exchange with A&H after I put it in. Basically they couldn't (wouldn't?) offer anything between password-protected Admin, which was too restrictive, & (unprotected) User, which leaves everything vulnerable. I was hoping someone might have discovered an unofficial work-round. In the meantime it has been, as suggested, a case of keeping out-of-sight copies of the wanted scene. The church users are totally non-technical, & seem incapable of reading even the largest-font Dymo labels about checking they have the right scene loaded, & about powering-down before hitting the wall-switch (or alternatively not leaving the whole system powered-up all week with no ventilation).

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