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Steel deck legs

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Hi all

I'm looking at expanding our stock of steel decking legs, and the company I would normally use are suggesting 3.2mm wall high yield steel legs as opposed to the regular 4mm. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of the 3.2 high yield and if it is really just as secure as I am being informed.

Many Thanks

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Like most answers here it begins with "it depends". It depends on length of leg, loading and whether there are any maior lateral forces. I have written here before about doing an advertising shoot for a cardboard factory where we ran a 40 foot artic and trailer across a stage supported by cardboard boxes so it really does depend on lots of factors but for "normal use" I would guess at there being no problem.

One BR member was a designer for Steeldeck so if he comes by he may have chapter and verse. It may be James Remo?

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I think it was Giles Favell who worked at Steeldeck


To answer the original question... yes 3.2mm high yield tube is now the de facto standard in the scaffolding industry since it is treated as having effectively the same structural properties as the 4.0mm tube everyone used to use. (3.2mm high yield has been the standard in many other countries for years). It's also worth pointing out that EN 39 (Loose Steel Tube for Tube and Coupler Scaffold) permits wall thickness of 3.2 - 4mm. 

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