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Various bits... having a clear out


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Cleared a shelf today, these bits are going on ebay tomorrow (Monday) PM while I have 80% offer

Soundcraft power supply - CPS 150

Alice Matchpak  X2

Canford twin microphone pre-amp

Tannoy TX1   system controller

Kramer FC10  Composite/YC transcoder

Drake 1U IEC 10 way power distro -  10A max with 5m mains lead and 16A CEEform

SCV universal balanced/unbalanced interface - includes: 3* VCA/AGC (unbalanced),  5* in/out, 1* 4unbal in to 2balanced out, 1*PSU


Most unused since my last OB >10 years ago, just done very basic tests to confirm working and all have scratches from a working life.

Open to offers.

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