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Electrovoice SX300 woofer confusion


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Got a client who's brought in a new-ish SX300 8R cab. The fault description is 'woofer torn up'.

Ok - it isn't, and it plays fine to me. In fact the driver looks like new, its the later black basket with the foam gasket neoprene surround.

Part number on the back is F.01U.188.438.19004 (no other markings on there).

A quick test wih a meter shows its DC resistance as 3.9R - a bit low I'd have thought. A quick check on the back and it's definitely marked as an 8R cab and the low reading is also present on the speakons.

I'm looking for advice. Does anyone know the DC resistance of this woofer? I think it's the right one - although the grille has one odd screw and the driver bolts were loose, as though someone has been here before.  I don't want to return it with what turns out to be a partially burned coil....or overcharge for a needless recone.

The client is not the end user so I can't approach them directly for elucidation.





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10 out of 10 have a lot of EV spare parts, and the code format on your driver looks to be a similar format to ones on their website. However, what they have as an SX300 12" replacement is not identical to your code.
Could it be a variant (e.g. one designed for use in an active cab?)

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