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2000+ Theatres, research

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Hi All,

I'm doing a little research so this is a question for those of you working in 2000+ seaters doing touring shows / acts.

Q1:  In very broad terms (ie, truckloads), how much gear (equipment, scenery etc) do your typical shows bring with them?

Q2:  What's the largest number of truckloads you've dealt with for a single show?


Thanks all.

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When I was at Symphony Hall (2262 seats), anywhere from a splitter van to multiple artic trucks, but most commonly 1 truck of lights/sound/backline, sometimes 2 - for touring music acts bringing PA, 2-3 trusses of LX plus floor package, and backline. 

I've had 5 trucks into Symphony Hall before, on a large opera project. BBC Young Musician also had a lot, but some of those were OB trucks, which probably isn't the info you want.

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