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Renewal of "UK Wireless Microphone Licence (UHF shared use)"


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Not that I know of - I don't think they've ever listed it on "simple" paperwork, but when you get the full 10 pages (or whatever it is), there are a whole load of bands there with the details and 823-832 is on there.

...at least it had better be because that band is the reason I buy my Shared license, so I'm keen to hear if it's really gone walkies...!


It's on here and it looks to me that the page is still current:


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I renewed the licence today having spoken to a knowledgeable chap at OFCOM. Nothing has changed with the frequencies.


The renewal notice lists channel 606.5 to 613.5Mhz only.

The payment page lists the above plus 823 to 832Mhz.

The licence itself lists the above plus 1.7-1.8Ghz.

So all three groups are there and listed on the licence - just don't believe anything but the licence itself!

(It may be of interest that IMG Stageline are selling mid range personal kits in the 1.7-1.8Ghz band for about £450. Not sure how many will fit in the band).

Many Thanks



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