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Chamsys Recording/programmer issue


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Having an issue I can only describe as "it seems like there are values stuck in the programmer even after clearing". I am not sure if I accidently changed a setting but if I modify a few lights and then record it to my cue list, all the lights I didn't touch go back to doing something that looks similar to a cue that is like 15 cues back in my cue list. 

example: cue 285, most all lights are running a rainbow fx. On cue 286, I make the rainbow fx have a size of zero so that it stops. I record another 10 cues with no issue. Then on cue 293, I change only one groups position and record. When I record, everything but the group I modified, goes back to what they were doing in cue 285. I can clear the programmer and record a new cue, note I did not modify or select any fixtures or groups, and the whole rig will go back to the look of cue 285.

If I click the PROG button to see what is in the programmer, under the VIEW LEVELS, VIEW TIMES and VIEW FX, they all say the programmer is empty, but when I press record and select and empty playback, it records what looks like cue 285. 

please help, only work around I can find is if I include the previous cue then make my changes but this is not a good solution. I have messed with LTP, HTP, Tracking etc. and these do not seem to be the issue. 

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2 hours ago, timsabre said:

Hi Caleb, sounds like you are doing everything right and something weird is happening. I would advise you phone up Chamsys support, they are very helpful.


And if you resolve the issue, please would you come back and tell us what it was. I occasionally get in a similar knot with MagicQ PC and can never remember exactly why I got there or how I got out of it!

Thanks, Dave 

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