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200mm gooseneck


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1 hour ago, Malcolm Gordon said:

Because you are connecting female to female....... you need to use something like this

No. The K&M gooseneck linked to has a male 3/8" thread at the mic end. The bottom end will be female, but  the listing doesn't say whether it's 5/8" (in which case it will fit the desk-mount directly) or (more likely for K&M) 3/8" (in which something like john-sp's adaptor is what you need). Worth looking further in CPC, as there are a lot of cheap 5/8" - 5/8" goosenecks around, which just need the adaptor at the mic end (unless your mic-clip has a 5/8" thread, in which case no adaptor needed). That adaptor looks like it might be aluminium - maybe worth looking around for steel or plated brass.

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As a matter of information I had a situation a while back (pre 2002) where a lectern had a gooseneck with 5/8" male thread and I was sent to fit a 747 but no adapters had been provided in the free issued kit.

My solution was as simple as drilling and taping the end of the gooseneck to take the included male to male adapter which allowed the cable to pass inside the gooseneck.

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16 hours ago, sandall said:

Good choice. You always need spares.

Oh yes, I had to buy some additionals last year with a M6 male thread to mount 6 canford powered speakers on mic stands. Without knowing what threads were on the stands and not wanting to use multiple adapters I ended up buying 18 and they were not all easy to find. lucky for me I did as there were 6 pairs of speakers so did use multiple adapters.

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