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fixture mounting suggestions?


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I'm trying to add mount some chauvet freedom pars that have bolt hole ready for a clamp, and that works great on my truss.   But I also use some square T bars that sit on 35mm stands - the lights currently on the t bar have brackets that bolt to the bar.          If I just bolt the freedom pars to the square section of the T bars I don't have any adjustment. 

Options I can see are: Replace the T bars with 35 or 50mm pipe  so I can clamp the freedom pars.   Something like the gravity LS TB 01 would work,  or make a bracket that bolts to the bar and the par that is preshaped to the angle I want. 


Alternatively it would be great if someone out there manufactured an adjustable bracket/clamp that could be bolted onto the bar and the par.

Any suggestions before I just order some of the gravity 35mm T-bars?

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