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Microphones - Retirement clear-out


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For sale; 4 Audio Technica AT8033 in original as new condition. Used for one hour services, twice a year for about 10 years until 2019 and possibly a couple of recording sessions. Only ever handled by me and stored/transported in their original boxes and never had a battery in them. Complete (apart from original chinese AA battery) with; Pop shields - still serviceable but drying & near end of live, original clip, and padded bag which appears to have never been out of box. Last year a number of these sold on Ebay for £90 - £120 each.



For sale; Shure prologue 16L, requires the use of AA size battery, NON PHANTOM.

Used this for years for general purpose PA work, particularly with battery mains PA amps where mic inputs are not very sensitive or no phantom power available, especially school sports days where the high SPL capabilities worked exceptionally well with screaming children near MC.   Paint is wearing, especially by the XLR.

£35 inc post seems to be a popular price.



For sale. Two Yoga EM900 microphones phantom/AA battery. I originally purchased 6 as substitutes for  Shure 16L's to go out on dry hire and still using 2. The performance is fairly close to the Shure but at the price no crying involved when lost/damaged. These two have never been out of the boxes so classed as NOS, only thing not included being the Chinese AA battery.

£25 each inc post seems to be a going price.

Also sold under the Monacor and IMG Stageline names     



For sale. Pulse PLS00220 kick mic, purchased in a hurry from a local shop for an unexpected recording session as our D112 was out on a job and SM57 or 58 just didn't cut the mustard. None of us at any point commented there was anything wrong with the performance of the Pulse, equally several days later it was still set-up in the studio and we didn't think to change it for the D112 for the next session. We have never done, or ever considered, an A/B comparison or used the D112 on that drum kit. This has sat on the shelf unused since but only because we didn't need to use it.

These were sold marked 'Snare & Tom Drum Microphone' or 'Snare & Bass Drum Microphone' but I have been told by CPC there was no difference between the markings.


Also sold under the Sub Zero brand which seem to sell at £30-40.




I'm open to sensible offers on all of these before heading over to Ebay.

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