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Noisy Sennheiser IEM


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Hi, I recently bought a Sennheiser G4 IEM receiver and transmitter. I tried it out at home along with my Sennheiser radio mic and Sennheiser Wireless guitar - obviously all on different channels 😉

The IEM has a horrible buzzing sound in my in-ears - I've tried various in-ear headphones and all do the same. I did buy a small in-line adaptor which claims to get rid of the noise but lost that before I got to try it. I can't for my life remember what make the in-line adaptor was but it wasn't cheap - around £100 if I remember correctly. Can anyone point me in the right direction on the make and model - or offer a different solution.


Thanks in advance


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Sounds like either the headphone cable is picking up external interference, or you have intermodulation between your devices. Have you tried switching channels on the IEM? Also, check whether the wiring of your in-ears matches that of the G4.

Edit: Whether or not the iEMatch does what it claims to do, it doesn't look like it would make much difference to your current problem.

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Forgive me, but that is a flawed product - 2.5mm connectors do NOT fit Sennheisers, they use 3.5mm, so my spider senses are wondering if this is in fact a scam product. Their products appear to be light in detail, heavy on big claims - but I cannot find ANY independent reviews.


I can buy them for £16 on AliExpress, however - it's a bit of low cost Chinese Hype - unproven, unscientific and probably totally useless. Please tell mw I'm wrong - and how you could possibly get a 2.5mm plug into a 3.5mm socket. I note it comes with a 4.4mm adaptor on Aliexpress - handy size.

The spec says.

Ultra (-24dB) High-Gain (-12db) sensitivity adjustment Custom minZ helix construction design, intrinsic shielding provided by minZ helix 6N silver/copper matrix wiring with FINAL6063-T5 aluminium-magnesium alloy shell Gold-plated printed circuit board with audiophile components (eg MELF resistors) Gold-plated 4.4mm male/female connectors

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