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Shure PSM900 earpeice compatibility


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Had a strange problem using Shure PSM900 IEM, with 2 different sets of earpieces (unfortunately don't have details but they'll be decent models) there was a loud squark followed by a momentary silence (as if the receiver pack was going into some sort of overload protect mode?). This happened using different frequencies and with different packs. The same packs and frequencies did not exhibit this behaviour using other earpieces and headphones (at the same time as it did with the errant ones on another pack with same feed). No other band members were having this problem on this show also using PSM900's and this has never been a problem using Sennheiser G3-300 IEM. Any clues as to what the problem may be? Unfortunately I do not have access to the gear to try anything but I'm sure we are very likely to have the same combination on future fly out gigs. Thanks

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  • If I'm reading it correctly, 2 pairs of in-ears did odd things when plugged into the Pack, but the pack functioned fine on a 3rd pair. This suggests the two pairs were both faulty. This seems unlikely, but the third pair sort of validates the logic. The test, of course is simply to take the two 'faulty' pairs and try them on something with a 3.5mm socket. I seem to remember the output on the Shure IEM is short-circuit protected. It's possible the in-ears are sweat damaged and the impedance has fallen - I have a pair of Shures, that my Sennheiser pack doesn't like. It doesn't cut out but it is very quiet.

All you can do now is test the actual in-ears and see how they fair vs the cheapo one. This one working normals suggests the pack is fine, but the two others are the problem?

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