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System processors with Dante integration


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We have a Yamaha MTX5-D which we're considering replacing due to age (and various other reasons; servicing, parts and accessories are tricky), probably with an Allen & Heath AHM-64 with a Dante card installed.

Are there any other good options I should be looking at? We need at least 12 analog outputs on the processor (to drive left, right, center cluster, sub, fills, delays, surrounds, hearing loop, etc) and a handful of analog inputs (our show relay mics are routed through it), plus about 16x16 of Dante I/O, along with the usual trimmings of EQ, limiting, etc.

I've considered QSC Q-Sys but it seems both overkill and rather expensive for what we're doing. Would love to know if I'm missing an obvious contender.

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At that analogue IO count, I would hands down go with Q-Sys - a Core110 with 8in 8out 8flex will meet your needs. Soft-license the additional channels of Dante. In my opinion it is the nicest DSP to work with, with the best troubleshooting tools available (probes, injectors, hover monitor etc). And it is pretty cost competitive with other DSP's in the same ballpark of IO.

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The AHM32 should do it for you, right? 12x12 analog, and then 20x20 Dante with the optional card.  The Dante card is almost as much as the AHM32, mind...

I do like the QSC Cores, but the various licences do start to add up after a while - I think the AHM +Dante will still be cheaper than a 110f+IO8+Dante Licence.

Do you need any ongoing control functionality, or will it be set and forget?  A&H's control functions, while basic, are not licence-encumbered, and the touchscreens are way cheaper.

There are various other DSPs that you could look at:  Symetrix, Biamp, Digico 4Rea4*, maybe even Xilica if you want to cast a wider net.




* = Which is flagrantly Allen & Heath dLive software in reality...

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