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Canford DMH220 Microphone Capsule


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You could probably fit any cheap dynamic mic capsule that will physically fit. There’s nothing fancy going on inside the headset, it just holds all the bits in the right place and routes the cabling.
But obviously there’s no guarantee on level matching or sound quality.

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Do you know anyone with a 3d printer? Aftermarket capsule should be fine, but mounting it will be the tricky part (unless you can find one that fits the size of the original). Some 3d printed adapters or maybe a whole housing might help. 


Is just one example. Impedance is higher, but shows you the kind of stuff out there.

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   Canford/Tec-pro/Metro audio headsets used to be  manufactured by a company called MBQUART. The only reference I can find to them after some serious googling is :-


Not sure if it's worth contacting them to see if you can get spares. Otherwise your going to have to pay the Canford price. I have several headsets here with stripped cables, but they still work.






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