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Hiding beltpacks in wigs


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As the title suggests I'm after suggestions for possibly hiding radio mic beltpacks in big(ish) wigs.  I'm doing a production of 'Kinky Boots' in a couple of months and for the Angels it's been suggested that the belt packs go in the wigs, as they can't go in the costumes.

Has anyone done this before and do you have any tips for how to make this work. Challenges I can see are stopping the connectors from either sticking out or getting strained/crushed, and how to manage the antennae.  This will likely be either Sennheiser packs or Trantec S5.3 (which are at least a physically smaller pack).

Any other suggestions for alternative methods also welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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It's harder with bigger packs like G3/G4 or trantecs. Shure Axient ADX1M are perhaps the best thing for the job with recessed mic connector and internal antenna, but not cheap. I've also used Sennheiser's SK6212 and Sony's DWTB03R in wigs. I wouldn't try it with a 2xAA battery mic TX, but I'm sure it has been done.
I'd recommend putting the pack in a fabric pouch (I usually use URSA pouches, but you can make something similar inexpensively), this helps with cable management and helps manage sweat ingress.
If you can terminate your mic capsules with less cable you'll help matters too. If your mics will take flexible antenna that will help, though do test for rf performance issues and be careful that the antenna doesn't get bundled up in the pouch which will likely affect rf performance.
In terms of cables sticking out or getting strained - I usually 'dress' cables coming out of packs with heatshrink or self amalgamating tape such that the cable folds back down. This helps sticky out cables but also massively improves resilience of cables being pulled.
Outside of that it's largely in the skill of your wig maker to disguise the lump and manage the weight. Obviously big hairpiece wigs will work better than very naturalistic wigs with centre partings.

In terms of other solutions for pack 'mounting', have a look at URSA's range of straps and undergarments-with-mic-pouches-built-in - either as a product or as inspiration for how you can hide a mic pack. Waist straps, thigh straps, chest straps, back of a pair of shorts, under the armpit - there's options, but depends on costume and physical activity.

It's worth noting that fitting the capsule to a wig can be a really good solution for getting the mic in the same place every show, even if the pack ends up on the actor's body.

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Thanks for the advice @J Pearce.

The Axient packs are a good shout - hopefully I can find some to hire and the budget will stretch that far!

Bra-mounts might work for the Angels - possibly they don't strip those bits off so much in the costume changes.

I think they are likely to be more 'big hair' given the nature of those characters in the show.


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The Sony and Sennheiser SK6212 packs are ok in wigs too. If you're tight on budget see if anyone's got Sennheiser SK5212 or Shure UR1Ms in stock (with matching receivers) - both significantly smaller than G3/G4/2000 or Trantecs, but somewhat cheaper in price than Axients.

As you're in Watford it's probably worth calling Autograph, they're only just down the road from you.

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