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RVD30 microphone


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Has anybody tried these?

I mixed some at the weekend and they seemed to be OK, apparently they are only £30.  Comparing against SM58 I didn't need as much gain (3dB or so) and top end probably better suited the selection of young singers from 8-18.  I didn't have any one with a deep voice so no idea at that end.

I'd not heard of them before.

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I used to have a few of these, they're marketed by Red5 Audio and are occasionally on 'special offer' at £100 for 4. They're hyper-cardoid with with a good build quality and a decent 'heft' as a hand-held and come with a rather natty clip that has both common mic stand threads already tapped in the bottom, so no need for thread adapters. They seemed really good value to me and punched well above their weight for 25 quid mic!

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2 hours ago, p.k.roberts said:

...and are occasionally on 'special offer' at £100 for 4...

As they are currently at Red 5 Audio I've never used them but might have a try for high risk situations. I inherited a RVD1 kick drum mic, that whilst not a miracle cheap replacement for the usual suspects, I really liked for some situations. No other experience.  

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I have a few of these and use them pretty frequently. As mentioned above they punch well above their weight. I don't have many issues with them apart from singers who wander off mic and out of their hypercardioid field. I can get a decent sound out of them without too much effort. I bought them on the 4 for £100 deal as a mic for festivals where it wouldn't matter too much if they got damaged. They fill that role perfectly.

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Thanks all.

I must admit I was quite happy with them, I had 3 running along with 2x SM58 and 1x SA(or B?)588 and thought the performance sat somewhere between the Shures.

The only issue as already noted; 2 backing singers sharing a mic being off axis.

Certainly seemed to be well suited to youngsters singing voices.

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