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Programming Yamaha QL5


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The theatre we hire is equipped with a Yamaha QL5 desk, with Dante connection to the stage.

What I want to do is very simple, but the Yamaha is written for sound experts, and I don't speak the language. (Lighting is more my thing).

We have a Focusright Scarlett 4i4, and 2 powered speakers to be placed onstage. The theatre has two speakers mounted high on the walls.

All we want to do is connect the 4 channels output from the Scarlett to the Yamaha, and the speakers to the onstage Dante.

It is not always certain that the Yamaha will be in a standard state, so is it possible for us to set up a state on it, save that to a usb stick?

And then during our limited bump-in time, just load up that state, plug it all in and go?

If so, what words do I need to know to find in the manual how to do this.

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Scene Memory would be where to start - p42 in the small Owners manual, p83 and following in the larger Reference manual.


PS, depending on just how unfamiliar you are with noise kit, reviewing the input and output patching sections so you can make sure the audio gets where it needs to may also be worthwhile.

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Thanks David,

But you are over-estimating my knowledge of sound gear.

I assume there are a number of paths through the Yamaha from input ports to output ports.

I can plug the Scarlett 4 outputs into Yamaha input ports (probably the first 4, but will take advice).

Two of the Yamaha Rio outputs are (always) connected to the two speakers on the theatre walls.

I can plug our speakers into any other outputs of the Rio, but probably 29 and 30. 

But my question is - how do I route the signal from the input ports to the output ports?

(what words do I look for - Mix, Bus, ...)

Remember, I don't have access to the gear until bump-in (apart from the computer and Scarlett), and don't have time to experiment and read manuals during bump-in.

Can anyone help?



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As David said, you need to look up input patching and output patching - that governs what inputs (on the Rio or at the desk) are connected to what channels, and which mixes are connected to which outputs (on the Rio or at the desk).

Then you need to look up routing to set how the input channels are connected to the mix busses.  You'll need to look up pre-fade and post-fade to get a proper grip on this too.

The signal flow though the desk is Physical input (Rio/local) -> Input Patch -> Channel strip -> Routing -> Mix Bus -> Output Patch -> Physical output (Rio/Local).

The patching and routing on that desk isn't the easiest, and the manual is not great for a novice.  

There is an offline editor package you can download that will let you see how all this works and set up the patching and routing in advance.  You can then save that configuration to a USB stick and load it into the desk on site.

Hope that helps a bit.



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