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Retirement beckons... (Open to new projects)


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again, congratulations Ynot.

Interesting to note how many BT (GPO) engineers have contributed to the entertainments business, especially Am Drams over the past decades.

I work for a university as an academic - a properly busy high pressure job, contrary to popular opinion. I'm about to put down my proverbial chalk (we stopped using that 20 years ago) next year and will certainly be glad of it. Long before I got into that profession, as a youth, I had a small business doing PA systems and recordings, so a few years ago, having retrieved some very old kit, I decided to get back into that and now have enough to put on a decent show or two (including digital, that I had to learn from scratch). Aiming to make it a proper business, but just doing a few gigs at present (income declared on the TR!). Thing is, like other over 60s here, the challenge is that is it just knackering lugging heavy boxes around and all that, staying until long past normal bed time to wrap up and being presented with incompatible sources at 30 seconds notice " my dance music is on this, can you plug it in?". On the other hand, when a client stands back and says "Wow!" in admiration, yes, it is worth it.

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