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New Cue Light System.


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The community theatre that I work with is in the final stages of installing a wired data network throughout the building.

We currently use a very simple cue light system between stage prompt corner and the tech gallery operators. This system uses illuminated Red and Green pushbuttons at each end. It works well. Crucially for us, this system allows two-way signalling which is used and appreciated by all who use it. This functionality must be provided by any new system.

The new data network brings new wiring to places where on occasion we can usefully use cue lights to aid a performance. We want to try and use this infrastructure for a cue light system with a single master control station and up to 4 remote outstations. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how we can do this?

I've had a rummage online and I've not found any simple cue light system that can be hosted on data network cabling. For such a simple system, I'm uncomfortable with going down the full 'IT' and networked data route. Our members/users cannot be assumed to have good data network setup, management and fault finding skills. This could make future maintenance and reconfiguration very difficult. Is there some simple, older technology that can be used to make a simple cue light system, which uses the network cabling as 4 twisted pairs or 8 cores to each outlet?

We have access to the main network patch panel. Provided essential services are not disturbed, we can reconfigure and use elements of the network infrastructure system as needed.



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Aside from the risks of crossplugging, any cuelight system that runs LEDs at low voltage ought to be ok on CAT5/6/7 cabling. The older signal lamp units are probably too high a current.

As Hippy has posted above there are some nice IP cuelight solutions, and a well designed network ought to work happily without need for frequent fault finding.

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I had a look at the ETC cueing system suggested by @themadhippy. It is too sophisitcated for our simple needs. I have spent a lot of time browsing the web looking at many different systems from various vendors, but I could not find anything obviously suitable for our application. To be honest, a system with functionality similar to an old Stonewood/Granite Audio one would be adequate for our needs. Unfortunately this manufacturer no longer exists, nor is there any obvious alternative supplier of similar equipment.

The simple cue light system designs I've found all require individual wiring from each outstation to the central control station. With the exception of a very simple 1 or 2 remote outstation system, extra electronics will be needed to do anything more complex when using conventional data network installation cabling. Other suggestions I found to use the data network wiring for a cue light system included audio tone signalling (DTMF and/or CTCSS) and RDM/DMX control (with modifications to suit the wiring topology), however nothing is popping out as a simple, obvious way of getting the job done with simple components.

Maybe I'm thinking about this in the wrong way to fit in with today's way of doing things....

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