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RGB Moving Head Gobo Spot


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On 7/13/2023 at 1:00 PM, Stuart91 said:

It wouldn't happen to be a mis-coloured connector of the wrong type? 

Kosher PowerCon connectors are blue for the supply and white for the drain. As well as the different colour, they're keyed differently to avoid misconnection. 

But meanwhile in the wonderful world of AliBaba etc. it's possible to get either type in whatever colour you fancy. 

(My personal favourite was some black and yellow coloured ones that would pass for TrueOne at a glance...)

That's what I thought, but nope! Notches on the outside of the connector are correct, but the internal part of it is rotated about 90 degrees. Since it's not a perfect circle, it blocks the whole thing from going in. A very strange, dud lead. The one that came with the 2nd light is fine, however 🤔

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