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MacBook Air M2


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36 minutes ago, alistermorton said:

Isn't that the point of HDCP - it works when it is connected to a single display device, such as a monitor, but doesn't allow distribution?

Yep - and unfortunately there seems to be no way of turning HDCP off on the Mac, even if you are showing non-protected content. 

Some cheap HDMI splitters will strip the HDCP from the signal, which is technically illegal but a very common workaround. 

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The macbook air has no native HDMI, so you'll be using some form of adapter? I'd suggest swapping this out, I've had issues with cheaper USB-C adapters - notably some don't support 1080p60, and some seem really keen on outputting 4K30 despite what the settings might suggest it should output - so it may be that the decimator is not getting a video format that it can handle properly.

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Had an issue with more than one AV adapter not being able to cope with 1920x1080 going in to an LED wall server.

One was a no-name Apple AV copy, one was a U-Green dual USB-C adapter. These worked fine into the venues 800x600 projector, and a Samsung TV or two, but no dice with the LED wall. Caused a load of problems with the Mac just going blank; but, sometimes it would work and the list of resolutions was very weird.

Proper Apple one fixed it right away.

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I'd be surprised if it isn't HDCP related. The big clue is a picture being visible for a few frames and then going black.

Converters like the Decimators / Blackmagic don't support HDCP - it's not supposed to be available on anything that will give you a decrypted version of the source signal otherwise it would just give people a cheap and easy option to remove the copyright protection. Mac's are notorious for turning on HDCP for no reason, even when just displaying their desktop.

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