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Singin' in the Rain - Set pieces FS


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For a couple of productions now I've managed to sell on the set pieces we built for Wind in the Willows and Young Frankenstein, and those pieces seem to be doing a mini-tour around the UK, which is nice. Basically the groups we sold to have in turn sold on to others and so on, so the initial expense can be mitigated going forward.

Our last show, in November, was Singin' in the Rain, and I had a couple of supposedly interested groups contact me after I advertised on 3 or 4 re-sale groups on the FaceSpace pages. However, so far, none have panned out. So, thought I'd try here. Apologies for the LOADS of pics, but may as well show what we have in toto. 

The materials cost for all of these topped £2500, not including consumables like screws, glue, paints etc so looking for something in that order so I can start on what we need for the next one (Spamalot, in June) once I clear my garage.. 

So - any takers? I'd rather sell to one group as a job lot rather than bit by bit.


Custom painted backdrop for the Cavalier filming scenes - bench and balustrade shown in another pic below.


Rear view of the rain dropper we created using simple garden watering nozzles - obviously you'd need to arrange for a water disposal mechanism on your stage.


Light-up heart-shaped gateway for 'Beautiful Girl' number. Lamps wired as two channels per side (via 2 x 15A plug-tops per side), the heart is split for easier storage/transport 


Recording booth - front side in this pic. Two 8 x 4 flats with open window in both. 'RECORDING' sign inset as seen has RGB LED tape for backlighting, but LED driver NOT included.


Balustrade and bench (just visible 🙂 )for the Cavalier filming scenes with backdrop behind.


A pair of these rose bushes for the second cavalier scene - heavy pots and wheeled bases included.


Framed Monumental sign - sign itself is A1 size.


Faux free-standing mirror and dressing table for Lina's dressing room scene.


Pair of these simple rope-lines for the movie premiere scenes (crowd control)


Birthday cake (above and below) - 4 ft diameter when together (attached at rear with pin-hinges). Top section hinges out when Cathy 'bursts' out of the cake.



Wooden step-ladder for the romantic duet scene.


Projection screen for both the RF's party scene and the over-dubbing scene. Screen detachable from the upright for easier storage/transport.


Side view of that recording booth.


Faux movie camera on wheeled tripod.


Faux recording equipment to go inside the booth.


2nd hand sofa we used for both Make 'em Laugh and Good Morning. We added castors (braked at rear set) for easy movement. Our trio managed to easily tip it backwards after a few attempts and nailed it at every performance.


RF's offce desk - again on castors for easy movement. (Chair NOT included)


Small drinks bar for use in RF's party scene.


Practical lamp-post. If base plate bolted to stage floor this is sturdy enough for Don to stand on the circular base top and lean out (ally scaff pole in centre of upright). Lamp is tungsten fed by 15A lead out of base.


Full stage view of 3 of the 4 available illuminated signs for Broadway Melody. Wording is from 10mm fairy lights (2 per sign) controlled from switch pack (NOT included). Most sign outlines were EL wire (DMX controlled custom PSUs ARE included - 1 3-ch unit per sign) but two (from memory) are single-channel white LED tape surrounds (LED drivers NOT included).

NOTE - umbrellas MAY be available at some stage (yellow (seen here) red and blue sets) but we need them here for June.


Rear view of the party bar (front view a few pics above)


PAIR of these timber lighting stands on wheels for the filming scenes. 

Lamps NOT included in sale, but a friendly Blue Roomer now has both and may be amenable to hire/loan. 🙂


Closer view of one of the illuminated signs.


Fuller view of the heart gateway (Steps NOT included)


PAIR of faux vintage mic heads (stands NOT included)


Graumans theatre sign - approx 5ft long I think.


Closer view of two of the illuminated signs.


A1 posters used at various points in the show - those that were used on the easels are backed on hardboard. All at A1 size.

Can't find pic of the easels, but they are included in the sale.

The first three at top left we have TWO of.


Faux switchgear panel on wheels. For the romantic duet scene.


Two prop violins in 'Fit as a Fiddle' (obv)

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