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Which Inputs? To patch/bridge a digital unpowered console on to an Allen and Heath PA12-CP.


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Hi. This is my first posting to blue room, with a  specific question.   The small venue I volunteer at has an Allen and Heath PA12-CP powered console, with passive speakers/monitors. 

I would like to patch/bridge my Qu-SB into the PA12-CP to mix shows, piggybacking on the PA12-CP amps to power speakers.  From the PA12-CP manual I am not sure which inputs on the PA12-CP I should use for this.  I am thinking I should be using the AB AMP inputs.  So.... LR Mains outputs on the Qu-SB to the AB AMP inputs on the PA12-CP

To be clear, I want to do all the mixing via the QU-SB, but run the outputs via the powered PA12-CP.

Thank you for any clear direction anyone can provide on this matter.


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An alternative is to go into a couple of the normal channel line inputs on the PA12-CP and pan them left and right. If you have pre show and interval music source and maybe a mic for announcements connected to the old desk that can still stay in place and then you just mix the feed from the new console into the main LR bus. It also means you can leave the PA12-CP all setup for shows that do not need the Qu-SB.

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