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Yamaha MY16-ES64 vs Auvitran AVY16-ES expansion cards (Ethersound LS9 / M7)


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Hi all,

In a Yamaha LS9-32 desk, a Yamaha-branded MY16-ES64 card in one of the slots adds 16 ins and 8 outs via Ethersound and a single SB168 stage box.

Adding a Yamaha-branded MY16-EX card in the other slot adds a further 16 ins and 8 outs, to be used via a second SB168 stage box in the same Ethersound network.

The two cards need to be connected together (externally) with with short cat5 / RJ-45 cables (a pest).

Finally, third-party Auvitran 'AVS Monitor' software on a laptop needs to be connected to the ES card temporarily, to configure the head amps (a pain).

We now have a 64 in and 32 out setup.


In an LS9-16 desk, which has only 1 expansion slot, the MY16-ES64 card simply adds 16 ins and 8 outs via Ethersound from a single SB168 stage box. The setup becomes 32+16 in total.

In this configuration in the smaller desk, the 2x RJ45 sockets on the ES card for linking to an EX card for a further 16+8, are redundant.


My question is, does the (somewhat cheaper) Auvitran-branded AVY16-ES card (without the 2x RJ-45 connectors) give the same end result as a Yamaha MY16-ES64, in adding 16 ins and 8 outs via Ethersound and a single SB168 stage box?

Are there any downsides in comparison, e.g. in head amp control and audio quality?






All info and advice would be appreciated, many thanks. 

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Actually, I tell a lie - it's only the M7CL-48ES model that has the built-in ports. The other (presumably more common) models have card slots like the LS9. 

Still, if you got a 48 input version it's only one card and stage box to add in order to get up to the 64-channel count. 

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9 hours ago, Stuart91 said:

I've noticed Yamaha MC7cl desks going for remarkably little money second-hand. They've got built-in Ethersound ports, so an upgrade might end up costing you less money than a pair of cards for your LS9 and eliminates some of the faff with head amp configuration?

Thanks @Stuart91 though I'm already invested in LS9 which is perfect for my needs, M7 is just too big and unnecessary for what I do.

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15 hours ago, J Pearce said:

Though mixing 32ch on an LS9 is sufficient challenge for me not to consider attempting 64.

That's partly what's got me wondering about these ex-production M7s as a cheap option for theatres that need a lot of faders. Saw one on Facebook Marketplace yesterday for £1500, and it seemed to be in decent condition. 

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