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120 feared dead at Halloween event, Korea.


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It is a tragedy but wasn't an event or in a venue and the only planning possible would have been police shutting down the whole district which could have caused just as much chaos. Reports highlight that several bars and clubs happily kept operating in total ignorance of the problem as the bodies were being lined up outside. I suspect that each bar, club and venue had perfectly adequate individual crowd management measures and couldn't have even imagined a crowd surge in a public thoroughfare like the alleyway which was the site.

It seems that nobody expected such crowds so it isn't even like The Hajj or a festival or even a mass protest march.

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There was a near-miss at Edinburgh Hogmanay in the mid-1990s. I was there as a punter and remember getting caught in a surge - very minor to what's just unfolded in Seoul but quite terrifying nonetheless. 

The following year (and every year since) the event was ticketed with entry to the area controlled. I imagine they'll need to instigate something similar in Seoul if there's a inherent bottleneck in the street layout. 


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