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Reusing Razor clams


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We are doing a show in which there is a scene where the characters open and clean razor clams for a meal later on.

We would like to reuse the clam shells and are looking for ways to 'restick' the clam shells. We would need to reinforce the shells possibly so any advice is welcome.



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Welcome to BR, an interesting one. I would be tempted to keep it simple, buy some empty razor clam shells and create a long "hinge" from sellotape or similar. It might require some sleight of hand to pull the effect off well and a dab of Bluetac to keep them together.

The shells are sold fairly cheaply as decorative items and reuse for environmental reasons, though laudable, is rarely practical. They are collected empty in the first place.

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I wouldn't be using real razor clams at all. I'd be buying a length of plastic pipe - maybe conduit. Run it through a bandsaw down its' length to remove a little of the middle, leaving two slightly less than half circles. 
Then you need a hinge. This could be as simple as tape, or you could find some little dolls house hinges. You could hold it shut with some little magnets, or just put a drop of hot glue to hold it shut. Paint it up and you've got some nice and robust shells. 

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