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Gel-Stream Scrollers


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I’ve browsed the forums and see that someone else has asked the same question regarding gel-stream scrollers and there was an offer of sharing the manual for them but this doesn’t seem to have been made available publicly… is it possible that I could get a copy of the manual for these too? I now own a set, and I have used scrollers in the past, but these are different to what I’m used to, and so any help on setting them up (gel length / tensioning / calibrating) would be most appreciated.


many thanks in advance

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Hi halftonner

The earlier posts re. Gel-Stream scrollers were from me. I too bought 4 not knowing much about them so I gladly share what I know now.

They can be operated in DMX or analogue mode. I chose analogue and built a controller for the purpose.. This controller has 2 channels only.  Apologies for the state of the sketch but I did not expect to share it. Earliest circuit is the one I used. Latest is improvements to but not yet done. 

Tension is critical. get it too tight and it goes into sulk mode with amber led lit. Too slack and mess/tears.. the scroll can be of different lengths set by an onboard pot.

The real benefit is the fact that the scrolls can be unclipped ( magazine fashion)

Regrettably my local theatre has been closed for nearly 3 years with this gear locked in it so I am retired.








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