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Lighting Kit Sale


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It's going to take me a while to get this lot fully catalogued and photographed but in the meantime, if anyone is interested in making an offer, I have the following to get rid of...

10 pcs CCT Minuette Fresnels, complete with colour frame and barn doors, hook clamp, 15A plug and safety.

8 pcs ETC Source Four Profiles, complete with colour frame, hook clamp, 15A plug and safety.

12 pcs 500W Cyc lights, complete with colour frame, barn doors, hook clamp, 15A plug and safety.

2 pcs 10m Socapex

2 pcs Scopex Rail Boxes, 15A

2 pcs Socapex Rail Boxes, 16A

? Pcs Socapex spiders

I would prefer to sell in batches rather than single units where possible.

Open to sensible offers.

I've also got random spares, including lamps, for much of the above which anyone taking a reasonable amount can have.

Prefer collection from Ely, Cambridge, area.

There will be more to come including Betapack 2s, pinspots, mirror balls, rotators, 2k follow spots with colour magazines.

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