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Sennheiser G2 handheld capsules


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I need a replacement capsule for an SKM100 handheld. It's discontinued by Sennheiser. Does anyone have any soruce for aftermarket ones, or a lead on any uk stock? It's the sort with the long body and plugs in. Be a shame to scrap an other wise good transmitter. It's for a pub singer.


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Looks like a MD835 cardioid (most likely), but could also be a MD845 super-cardioid or ME865 capacitor super-cardioid. Should be labelled at the front & there should have been a coloured ring between the basket & the mic body - Green for 835, blue for 845 or red for 865. I'm guessing (but only guessing, as I don't have an e835 to hand) that you could do a swap from an 2nd-hand e835. Lots on fleabay, but beware of the guy from Latvia selling "replacement" capsules that are a totally different shape. 

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Second the Latvia warning,the replacement listed for Ta Shure system doesn't even fit inside the ball let alone the body.

However looking at your picture I wonder if the part to left of orange line is resiliant mount and replaceable from there on.

Have you contacted MLEC yet?



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It's worth giving ShowComms a call to see if they have anything left in stock. I get all of my G2 spares from there. I know they have less available now as Sennheiser have taken spares supply back in house, but they might be able help or advise.


Otherwise it's waiting for a non-UK frequency unit to come up on eBay to salvage the capsule from; that's certainly what I've done in the past, particularly as at the moment the UK spec G2 kit is going for good money.


Had a hunt (as I'm sure you have) and these non-gen might get you by whilst you hunt for a real one? Could well be junk though I guess (but it is for a pub...!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302748535642


Sennheiser imply they have capsules for some of the G2 range. Availability is not clear though:


Worth having a dig under this search term at each SKM variant as capsules appear in some, like the above:


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I've had a go in the past fitting a capsule into the original plug-in module but it did not sound acceptable. I'll ring Showcomms but I think if its no longer on their stock list then it means it's no longer available.


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